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Friday, March 17, 2006


PERHAPS, the CPM in Kerala is going through its darkest phase.
VS Achuthanandan, the common man’s quintessential leader and long-time chief ministerial candidate, has been given the boot by the party politburo. To say the least, the decision to deny him a seat in the Assembly polls is shocking. The party should have faced the polls by projecting VS, as he is fondly called, as the CM candidate. The party may argue in a cadre-based party like CPM, it is party ideology that does matter. But here the ideology has been sent for a toss. The 80-plus leader is considered as the most sincere leader of the CPM in Kerala now. People, across party and caste affiliations, admire VS. He is a man known for his stern (if this is hardline, then let it be) stands: he was against forging an alliance with old warhorse K Karunakaran; he was against including the Muslim League; he was against incorporating R Balakrishna Pillai into the LDF foray. He basically stood with the common man. And he was omnipresent: he travelled through the breadth and length of Kerala for cementing the party.(All the THREE elements can be put into one basket called opportunists to the core and no character of their own). He is definitely not a hardliner as Express wanted the rest of India to believe. Express, known for its courage of journalism, is 'manufacturing images' against a grassroot leader. He remains the party’s most sincere leader. By this move, the CPM has dug its own grave in the coming elections, which could have been a cakewalk for the Left. Keeping VS away from the poll scenario will be disastrous. There have been unprecedented violence and protests across Kerala since Thursday against the politburo decision. The "reformist" (Pinarayi a is a joke; what does he reform?) Pinarayi Vijayan, the man behind the ouster of VS, may be laughing. But at what cost? Paloli, the party’s chief ministerial candidate, is a nice man, though. But he will be remote-controlled by Pinarayi. And that is what he wants. But not the Keralites. They may opt Chandy again. That will be suicidal for CPM.


Blogger ganes said...

It's the sad plight of a leder who always stood for the Marxist ideologies. And the reason for it might be that he has been a marxist to the core.
He has been with the common man, he initiated serious issue-based struggles, but the a major section of course, the so called official section led by Pinarayi.
Malappuram meeting saw the beginning of the end for VS, and though more than 10 district committees have come out in open against the bad treatment meted out to Achuthanandan, the chances of VS making it to the candidates list looks remote.
''Whenever the party won VS did not and whenever VS won the party did not,'' may have become a cliche, but the truth that VS won't be there in the fray at all is a tough one to sink in.
He might have knocked MVR and KR Gouri out of the red ring, but VS had always been with the party, with the people.
The Pinarayi faction have come out with an interesting coinage 'media mafia,' (it comprises all except Desabhimani!) to describe those who have reported, of course with some of them going to town.
However, Congress is trying its level best to bring back Leader Karunakaran to its front. And if the disgusted left men (read electorates), who owe allegience to VS, decided to stay away from polls, it might see Chandy retaining power.
Pinarayi should remember that though Desabhimani circulation is just 2.4 lakh, there are more than 1 crore voters for the left.
M.A. Baby is yet to get popularity, so too many others. But VS knows the pulse of the people, for he has been with them, for long and forever.

11:35 AM  
Blogger ganapathy said...

hello it's not a good move

9:05 AM  

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