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Thursday, March 02, 2006


From under-arm bowling to below-the-belt comments on Ganguly, Chapell stoops to conquer.

It has been a long time since I blogged. Not that it is something earthshaking. But there are lot of things happened which I strongly felt about. Like the Bush visit, and the subsequent nuclear deal. Sad, but India is getting dangerously close to the US, especially after the UPA Govt came to power. But Bush says times have changed. So do things. But when it comes to Pakistan, things have not really changed for the US. Its Cold War ally remains still an ally. That, too, despite being ruled by a dictator like Musharraf. When it comes to Israel also, things have not really changed for Uncle Sam. It is all double standards. Nothing else. There is no character.

For Bush, at least, he says the times have changed. But for a man, who is obsessed with Ganguly, he is showing that nothing has really changed. Again and again. Though he really achieved what he wanted: removing Ganguly from a team he has nurtured and made. Still the man, who has asked his brother to bowl under arm in an international match, shows the real character now. In an interview to Guardian, a paper revered across the world, he says Ganguly stuck to captaincy for his financial gains. This is really the limit.

Again, Chappell is ignorant. He does not know Ganguly's financial positions. Of his royal background. Of his family. And of course his talent. And that he owns Asia's biggest printing press. If exaggerated, he can buy Chappell himself. It is high time somebody (BCCI, Indian Government) gagged him. There is a LIMIT.


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