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Vilakudy Days

Friday, December 02, 2005

Hindu Under Fire

ALLEGATIONS FLY THICK AND FAST: It is sad rather shocking to read and hear from the blogging community that one of the best writers of the Hindu has been accused of lifting an article from NYT. Gautaman Bhaskaran, one of the best film critics in the country, has apparently or allegedly in journalistic terms lifted an NYT review and published in the prestigious columns of Hindu. Plagiarism is not new in journalists' circle. From the famed V N Narayan to all those little souls who hog the featurish limelight.
Having said that, he should not be treated like this. He has written some of the brilliant pieces for Hindu in the last two decades. Along with Gowri Ramnarayan (my favourite art and film writer), they have taken the Friday Review to another level. And Bhaskaran has written several pieces on Indian Cinema, which he could not have taken from NYT. Let us also not forget his past contributions. Let us not see him through the dark glass of plagiarism. And for heaven's sake, don't blame Hindu for carrying the piece. It has to trust its employees.