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Sunday, April 02, 2006


If needed, here is another testimony to India’s hospitality and compassion. After years in exile, the Dalai Lama says he will be happy to die in India. In an interview that covers Tibet to Osama bin Laden, the unflappable Dalai Lama becomes passionate on India and its kindness. He should know. When he was thrown out of China, he was given asylum by the then Prime Minister Nehru as a persona non grata. That was in 1959. Considering the volatile Sino-Indian relations then, it was a highly risky decision by Nehru. Many countries denied entry to him and his followers. But India opened its doors and offered him and his followers an Abode at Dharmasala. Forty-seven years later, the world has changed. But the situation in Tibet has not. One of the most widely travelled persons on this planet, the Dalai Lama knows international realities like the palm of his hand. And when he says India is full of compassion, the world will listen. With the dream of a free-Tibet remains a mirage, he knows his final days will be spent in Little Lhasa in India. It is like a home away from home. A million others, like Chakmas, Bohras and Sri Lankan Tamils, will agree. I stop here; read the simple, but brilliant interview in Daily Telegraph.


Blogger Divya said...

the dalai lama is a world leader. we need more like him. india has not done him a favor by letting him stay... in a country starved of leaders, he has done an honour to india by choosing to stay. i wish some few politicians at least were like him... people with strong beliefs and yet completely open to others' point of view... tolerant and yet firm... immensely knowledgable and yet unafraid to admit ingnorance... and through the drudgery and pains of life, never ever forgetting to laugh!

10:47 AM  
Blogger vilakudy said...

Good comment. Yes his knowledge is incredible.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Shobha said...

Ok well....I disagree with you when you say India is a benovalent, compassionate nation and all. If India would have been compassionate, farmers wouldn't have been dying {committing suicides enmasse}. If India would have been compassionate, Manipuri women wouldn't have come out protesting stark naked on streets against the atrocities committed Indian Army. If India would have ben compassionate, lakhs of people in the Narmada valley would have ben rehabilitated appropriately before losing their houses.....Well the examples are plenty. The bottomline is there is no point being kind and tolerant to outsiders if you cannot be compassionate towards your OWN citizens.

However, I do agree with your post. about India's decision to let Dalai lama stay and all that. My disagreement with you is only to do with India being a compassionate state which I think she is not.

Oh, I like Dalai lama too. I think he just is way too cute. Sometimes I feel like pulling his cheeks....:D

12:26 PM  
Blogger Divya said...

shoba, all the things u r mentioning are ur disagreement with policies, of bad governance or corruption, etc. these are things that of course exist.. but they hv nothing to do with compassion. i feel that in general india is or rather has been quite tolerant. it is only now that some sections are conciously trying to inculcate a culture of intolerance and are also unfortunatey succeding to an extent due to the latent frustration that exists in society.

10:16 PM  
Blogger vilakudy said...

As a State, we have failed on many counts. There is no doubt about that. We have made many mistakes also. But that does not mean ours is a failed or doomed country. As Divya says, India is a highly tolerant country. Not mnay countries in the world are tolerant. A casual check on our neighbours' profile will prove that beyond doubt.

7:00 AM  
Blogger Shobha said...

Well...Divya, the references given by me are not just indicative of bad governance, corruption, etc. It is reflective of the state policy as a whole. The very indifference by the state to such issues is appalling and mind you, there are many lives which are being lost in process. but well, does the government care? i am afraid not.

However, I do think on a comparitive analysis, we are much better off a country. But it is like saying, "Andhon mein kaana raja" which roughly translated means....A man with a squint is a king amongst blind men. Not a healthy comparison I think. I don't think i can regard our state as more compassionate just coz our neighbours are even bigger tyrants. India may be a smaller tyrant. But at the end of the day she remains a tyrant. I hope, you guys are getting the drift.....

10:15 AM  
Blogger Shobha said...

Also, when I say india is not compassionate, I don't mean to say India is a failed or a doomed country. No, India is far from it.

10:21 AM  
Blogger Shiv said...

I agree with Divya. Showing compassion to the Dalai Lama was a result of the humanness that inheres in India. This act displayed the quality that characterises the Indian society.

12:49 PM  
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Blogger Jo said...

Vilakudy - Is this a place in Kerala? Really interesting to read the title just like Malgudi Days. Hoping to read about Vilakudy Days. :-)

9:40 AM  
Blogger DivS said...

Enthralling interview. Probably giving asylum to Dalai Lama is the best thing post-independence India has done for this world. We were blessed by a whole nation with that bold act !

5:22 PM  
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