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Vilakudy Days

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Maximum City, Minimum Life

It is my third month in Mumbai. the so-called Maximum City. with minimum space. Had been to Kanhera Caves in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Seen Gateway of India. Went to Tendulkar's restaurant. And travelling to Andheri, Marol Maroshi, I saw how people exist, not just live, in this city. There is no human element. People just move and move. Noone feels nostalgic about the city. It is a moving city. Though there are not many moving moments as such.

Work is going on. But Mumbai is not Madras. There, I was at home. Madras made me feel at home. Money is more here, but the quality of life. That is a big question which thousands of Mumbaikaars will ask themselves a thousand times. I join the chorus.


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